We partner with the experts on your business--you--to evaluate your needs. Many business consultants use a "canned", one-size-fits-all-approach. We understand the real issue--that each organization is unique. Teaming with you, we determine your specific needs and tailor a results-oriented plan that optimizes the performance of your workforce and promotes your mission, goals and objectives. Then we work side-by-side with you to implement that plan and help ensure its success.


If there was ever a place where the right fit is necessary it is at the initial hire. Placing the right person in the right job is important at all levels, very important at the manager level and essential at the executive level.

Calculating the cost of a good hire is easy. Think about how much impact employees have on your bottom line. Would it make a difference if everyone on your sales force or every regional manager generated as much business as your best performer? Calculating the cost of a hiring mistake at even entry professional levels can be staggering.

Once people are in place, organizations need a clear picture of the capabilities of their critical leaders to ensure sustainable performance. Too often this view is based on limited or subjective information, recent events, or shallow data that overrides a more objective look at experience, past performance, and future capabilities.  

We have assessed thousands of E-team individuals in our 30+ years of helping intelligent businesses excel.  We can develop efficient process that helps our clients tap and spotlight their top talent, and make good decisions about the best direction team members can take to enhance their current performance and future contributions.


Depend on consultants who are PhD level psychologist, experts in testing, interviewing and assessment, and whose full time endeavor is helping businesses raise the performance bar in their organization by hiring and promoting on the very best "fits."



At RPG, we know that there are few challenges in the workplace that can be more damaging to the organization than unresolved and unproductive conflict among employees. How often have you heard: "I wish she were easier to get along with", "I can't function with all the negativity and conflict around here." Even worse are the statements that are not being made--those that your customers or clients may be thinking.

Sometimes conflict is visible and nasty. But, even if it isn't verbal the signs are probably there. Some disguised symptoms of conflict in the workplace include:

  • High turnover and increased absenteeism

  • Low morale

  • Dumb mistakes

  • Increase in OSHA, NLRB, EEOC or other grievance activities

  • Sarcastic signs or emails

Mediation is a cost effective, humane and useful way to resolve workplace conflicts. Mediation works because a neutral third party facilitates meetings between the parties, enabling them to stay productive and allowing participants to develop the solutions to their problems before they escalate and involve attorneys, the courts or governmental agencies. Using an outside mediator assures parties a fresh perspective and confidentiality.

EAP services are focused on the mental health of employees. They do not offer conflict resolution expertise. For that you need the help of a dispute resolution professional. For that you need the mediation expertise of the Rose + Porterfield Group.



At RPG, we are experts in human behavior and when faced with a lawsuit we can help you make your best case. In our expert work we have supported both the plaintiff and defendant; Our forensic and expert testimony work includes: sexual harassment, workplace injury, discrimination, retaliation and wrongful termination.

We offer experienced, unbiased, detailed and objective expert opinion on all aspects of human behavior in the workplace.


When you need an expert who can help determine what really happened, what are the motivations, and who if anyone was injured, contact RPG. We are not attorneys, but we help both corporations and individuals defend their rights.


The success of any organization depends on the quality of its leadership, which is why most CEOs and boards look at succession planning as a top priority. Even when a company has strong talent in its leadership pipeline, it may not have the right people to fill top roles or good insights into the best candidates for those key positions.

We can help you By evaluating both sides of the equation, we can help you uncover potential candidates’ fit for the top spots. This ensures a smooth transition of the right people into the right roles.

Our executive assessments reveal how potential successors stack up against needs. Through our  executive coaching, development planning, and transition support, we help you move the right people quickly and seamlessly into their new roles.



Effective teams use a language that all team members understand and respect. They communicate, set and meet expectations, solve problems, make decisions and effectively resolve conflict. In other words, they "fit."

Teambuilding, especially at the executive level, is not easy or trivial. It does not happen in a vacuum and it doesn't not have an end point. It is an on-going process with real-world issues and stumbling blocks.

Our approach is to evaluate your team and measure their ability to overcome the personal conflicts and office politics that disrupt group dynamics. We understand the effect of individual behavior on group productivity and appreciate the different communication styles of individual members.

We start by building every program around the capabilities of team members themselves, starting at the individual level. Then we help the team members to solve their specific challenges, meet their specific needs, deal with their unique problems, opportunities, restrictions and real world demands.

Good teambuilding takes great effort. But at the individual or group level, correct fit means a better working environment and more hard dollars to your bottom line.



When you hire well, the individual fits the job and the existing team.  Even so, the first six to nine months after a leader is hired or takes on a new role are the most critical to their ultimate success.   When a leader comes from outside the organization, they face additional complexities as they work to set, achieve, and lead a team in a new culture.  In fact, research shows that up to 40% of senior level executives hired are pushed out, fail, or quit within the first 18 months.

Through good onboarding and teambuilding you get a group of talented executives working in a constructive direction.  We help transitioning leaders and existing teams deliver better results faster, avoid missteps and blind spots, and significantly reduce their chances of failure.

Our coaching and consulting ensures that leaders quickly acclimate — along with their new teams — to reach their peak performance.

But everyone, no matter how talented, has some rough edges - and sometimes even highly talented performers suddenly change for seemingly no reason.

Equally important, if you're lucky enough to have an "A" performer on your team, how many hundreds of thousands of dollars would you realize if that "A" could be an "A+"?

There are many "executive coaches" whose credentials merely consist of the desire to be a coach. In some cases these individuals are retreads from other fields with two months of training. Would you allow someone with two month of medical training to operate on you? Don't your top players deserve better too?

We use sophisticated psychological assessment, and tailor programs to match both the culture and goals of the organization and the personality and goals of the individual.  Then we act as the individual executive's consulting team. After all, as an organization you aren't really interested in the coaching process - you want to see results.



At some point you will likely face a major challenge related to change within your company. A corporate merger, expansion, reorganization, acquisition, consolidation or restructuring for growth. Nearly all strategies require an understanding of, and a focus on, both people strategies and business strategies. The problem is many times business strategies are not aligned with the motivations of the individuals within the organization. This misalignment is a common problem that our People and Change practice is uniquely adept at solving.

Armed with over thirty years of experience in the trenches of change management, RPG serves as an expert adviser to help senior executives achieve company goals. We specialize in providing innovative, integrated and practical solutions to align your organization's people and business strategies.

Our focus is on driving business performance by helping you maximize the potential of your people. We can help you understand them, and help them develop and grow. We can help your organization manage change initiatives and avoid the common pitfalls of organizational change, increase the effectiveness of your HR service delivery, provide learning and leadership services and improve talent management.


Whether you are considering outside candidates for supervisory or management positions, or trying to identify current employees with untapped leadership potential, you need reliable and objective information about the strengths and liabilities they bring to the job.

Our Management Potential Assessment is a scientifically-validated employment test that can be used with current employees and with outside candidates. It's cost-effective, easy to use, and you get fast results that help you solve the common problems organizations have with hiring and promotion decisions at the mid-management level. 

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