Crisis + Conflict Management

On average, employees and leaders spend 2.8 hours per week dealing with workplace conflict. In business, every hour counts – and over time, that can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost productivity. Workplace conflict between professionals, even between just two people, can feel impossible to navigate effectively. And if those two people are company leaders, that can impact the entire organization. Our background in psychology and emotional intelligence allows us to handle those tricky situations, act as a calming force and conflict mediator, and help your team get back to the work at hand.

How Rose + Porterfield Helps Business Professionals with Conflict Resolution in the Workplace

  • Discover: To get to the heart of the conflict, we’ll start by understanding where you are now. We’ll discuss the issues you’re experiencing, which team members are involved, and how it’s impacting your business.
  • Diagnose: Through individual assessments and interviews with your team, we’ll determine what factors are causing the conflict and who is being impacted. Then we’ll deliver a full report on what we found and what corporate conflict resolutions can be done so that your team can begin to move forward together.
  • Develop: Our team mediators work alongside your team members to resolve conflicts at their root, providing the outside perspective that each person needs to confront and overcome issues that are impacting morale, communication, and productivity.

While the price of your solution will vary depending on its scope and complexity, our top priority is to make sure you get the constructive conflict resolution you need. Our workplace mediators will do everything we can to find a plan that works for your goals, your people, and your budget.

Browse our case studies to see how our clients are leveraging our workplace conflict professionals to help solve their work-related people problems. From conflict workplace training for your employees — or conflict resolution training for leaders — to providing clarity amid confusion, our trained workplace mediators are here to help!  

If you’re ready to find solutions that fit your budget, needs, goals, and most importantly, your people, reach out to us today!

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