5 Mentoring Mythbusters, 11/16/2022

Formal mentoring programs help connect employees to their workplace, but some common myths about mentoring persist.

Today’s employees are looking for connection to their workplace, learning opportunities, and career guidance. Formal mentoring programs fill that need, but common myths about mentoring persist:

Mentoring Through Challenging Times: Is mentoring the ‘secret sauce’ of engagement?

The Business Journals, 9/12/2022

By any measure — and almost every survey — employee engagement is at an all-time low. More employers are turning to formalized mentorship programs whether workers are in the office are working from home.

Dallas psychologist Robyn Porterfield, Ph.D. believes myths and misconceptions discourage some of the most experienced workers from full participation in mentoring.

A New Era of Work is Here: Predictions for 2022 and Beyond

The Business Mogul, 5/25/2022

Recent figures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveal that 4.5 million people voluntarily left their jobs in November of 2021 – an uncontested “all-time high” in the history of the country. Supply chain and shipping challenges have caused issues on a global scale. Social justice issues have been brought to the forefront of our collective consciousness. Each of these hurdles have presented us with a distinct opportunity, and these shifts have given us a glimpse into how businesses – and organizational leaders in particular – are evolving.

Five Myths About Mentoring (and How to be a Better Mentor)

The Business Mogul, 5/25/2022

A 2021 Gallup study found that nearly 66% of U.S. employees feel disengaged at work, an all-time high. Workers are looking for connection to their workplace, learning opportunities and career guidance. Formal mentoring programs fill the need, keeping employees actively engaged and connected to organizational goals. Despite common myths about mentoring programs, everyone is equipped to be a successful mentor. It’s time to dispel the misconceptions that hold back some of the most experienced workers from full participation in mentoring:

Men In Business: Three Guidelines About Sexual Harassment, 12/21/2020

In this article we are speaking primarily to men in business management roles. We are not saying you are a harasser. On the contrary, we’re aware that more than likely, you are not a harasser, but your position and gender put you in the position to come across as one – and you want to avoid even the appearance.

Workplace Bullies Take Many Forms, 10/22/2020

As an employment attorney, or perhaps as General Counsel for your organization, you have probably been fielding more and more questions about bullying in the workplace-we certainly have. While bullying isn’t illegal – yet – you also probably know that it costs a lot in terms of its effect on production. Plus, you know it’s not right-not really. So, what’s the right approach? Our rule of thumb is not to overact to simple, appropriate work behavior, but you also can’t put up with bullying either. We’ll share some examples from our practice; see if any of these sound familiar.

How Office Culture Impacts Who You Are At Work

TRECcast PODCAST 7/22/2019

Criticism. Everybody gives it, everybody gets it, and on this episode of TRECcast, the Rose Porterfield Group will help you handle it like a pro!

Dr. Bob Rose and Dr. Robyn Porterfield have more than 30 years of consulting experience between them, helping business leaders improve and sustain results. For the last five years, they’ve helped bring out the best in TREC’s Associate Leadership Council class members.

Sexual Harrassment in the age of #metoo 2/13/2018

As executive coaches, we meet plenty of high performers who strive to accomplish even more in their (often) fast-track careers. While their ambition is refreshing, it often comes with a common concern: “Am I in over my head?”

It’s an almost inescapable paradox.

Statements offer guidance on your purpose and shed light on your priorities and way of doing business

Dallas Business Journal 1/20/2012

January is a good time to reflect on actions taken and decisions made over the past year. This month’s topic is one that can help us all not only assess 2011, but make better decisions in 2012 and going forward.

Sexual Harassment & Preventative Medicine – An expert witness view

Consolidated Consultants 10/17/2016

When companies consider the impact of sexual harassment they probably think of being legally defensible. Not bad thinking. But a better thought is — why not prevent the problems of sexual harassment in the first place?

Most execs are getting a bad rap

Dallas Morning News 4/7/2003

Wonder why business is so bad?” has replaced sports as the favorite topic over evening drinks. One of my friends recently said, into his second glass of Chablis…

Training is the Key to Success, or Failure, in Business

There is often the tacit assumption that sophisticated training programs are correspondingly effective; but, they are seldom as effective…

Industrial Psychology Expert Witnesses

April 16, 2011

Many people are not familiar with the work of Industrial-Organizational Psychologists (often referred to as “IO’s”.) IO Psychologists are trained in Psychology – usually at the PhD level – but work within business settings.

Expert Witness Blog: Industrial Psychologists and Workplace Injury

June 24, 2016

Workplace injury is a serious problem with many costs including the cost of well-being and even loss or life. The causes and prevention of injury is a complex issue with many factors including adequately functioning machines safety equipment and so on. Interestingly many of the factors relating to workplace injury can be addressed by Industrial Psychologists (also called IO psychologists). IO psychologists are trained to address the human factors at work. Examples will be useful.

AVWeb: Practical use of the pilot personality profile

February 18, 2001

As a pilot, you are a member of a unique group of people — a group that is sometimes difficult to understand, at least for non-pilots. In some ways, pilots are the most consistent and even-keeled….

TREC Wire: When tough personalities lead to tougher decisions

September 07, 2017

When you reach the C-Suite, you may be able to realize the dream of building your own team with employees you’ve carefully selected. If this happens, congratulations and good luck! However, it is more realistic you will inherit some within an organization whom you didn’t select and may not have hired at all if given the opportunity.

If you’re not careful, that dream may turn into a nightmare.

DBJ: Numbers matter in math, but not when it comes to hiring

December 07, 2012

I admit it.

I chose psychology because a friend told me no math was involved. I was in too deep when I got the bad news: about 21 hours of math including calculus. When I finished, I was pretty good at math and appreciated the many areas in which it applied

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