Here are answers to some of the most common questions we get about our work, process, and expertise. Have a question for us that isn’t here? We’re happy to answer! Just reach out.

Yes. When we’re conducting interviews, assessments, coaching sessions, and consultations, it’s critical that the people we’re working with feel comfortable enough to be completely open and honest – and confidentiality is critical to that. Any information you share with us about your company will be kept entirely confidential, as will information shared in any interviews we conduct with your team as part of our work.

Every business has one thing in common: people. They are your customers, your partners, your vendors, your leaders, and your team members – and every function in your company leads back to them. To maximize your team’s productivity, profitability, success, communication, and satisfaction, you need consultants that can view, analyze, and problem-solve from a broader perspective than just business. We still bring you the kind of strategic guidance you would get from a great business consultant, but as psychologists, we also help you understand and unravel the psychological and emotional complexities of your business’s most important ingredient: the human factor.

People are unique, and so is your business. So, we tailor every solution to fit the needs of the people we’re working with. That means that the cost of your custom solution will vary depending on what we’re working on together. No matter what you need help with, however, our top priority is finding the right solution – so we’ll work hard to find one that fits within your budget.

Charging by the hour means it costs every time you reach out to us. While we act as your consulting team, we don’t charge by the hour because we don’t want you to worry about unanticipated fees, or second guess a call or email. We want you to know that we’re here to help at any time and with any issue. If there’s a problem we can solve or a question we can answer, we want you to feel comfortable just reaching out – without watching the clock or worrying about the cost.

Browse our case studies to see how our clients are leveraging our workplace conflict professionals to help solve their work-related people problems. From conflict workplace training for your employees — or conflict resolution training for leaders — to providing clarity amid confusion, our trained workplace mediators are here to help!  

If you’re ready to find solutions that fit your budget, needs, goals, and most importantly, your people, reach out to us today!

Not sure what you need?

If you’re facing people problems at work, we’re here to help. And if your team is doing great, we can make them even better. If you give us a little information below, we’ll schedule a consultation with up to three members of your leadership team. During this consultation, we can talk about the challenges and goals facing the most critical resource at the heart of your company: your people. If you decide to work with us after your consultation, the cost of the call will be applied to your contract.


Free Wraparound Interview

Preparing for succession?

Transferring your business to the next generation of leadership comes with plenty of unique challenges – and when you’re dealing with the legacy of a multi-generational family business, the psychological and emotional complexities become even harder to navigate. Make sure you find the right fit for the next era of your business by using this brief Guide to Choosing the Ideal Successor.