Hiring/Promotion Assessment + Team Building

Behind every function in your business, your employees are the single common element. Everything you do comes back to the human element at the center of your company – so if there was ever a place where the “right fit” is necessary, it’s at the initial hire. And once you’ve found the people that fit, investing in their continued development becomes an investment in your own success, too.

Our team brings over three decades of experience in testing, interviewing, and assessment to help you find the right fit for new positions, promote the right people at the right time into the right roles, and develop your business by developing the people that make it run.

Hiring and Promotion Assessment

Aside from the stress that can come with even an anticipated exit, replacing an employee can cost up to twice as much as keeping the current person in place. So, when you’re expanding your team or moving people into new roles, it’s just smart business to make sure you find the right fit – the first time. We can help you find the right people for every position through our hiring and promotion assessments.

How it works

Discover: after you’ve done your initial screening of candidates, we’ll talk about the role(s) you’re looking to hire or promote for, interview you and your team about how those roles will function, and dive deep into what makes a person the perfect fit for your company. Need help searching for candidates? While Rose + Porterfield doesn’t handle candidate recruitment or search, we know some great people who do! You can learn more about them in Our Recommended Network.

Diagnose: once we understand exactly who you’re looking for, we’ll develop a model for what your company’s “perfect fit” looks like. We’ll ask your top candidates to fill out an assessment that will give insight into how each of them would perform the job differently, and give them insights into their own professional strengths at the same time.

Develop: through 180 or 360 degree assessments of each candidate, we can assess their verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills, personality traits, emotional intelligence (EQ), workstyle and more to provide you with a report on how each candidate would perform the job, their strengths and weaknesses, and how they would fit into your company’s workflow and culture.  We can also make recommendations on any training or professional development that would be most helpful after hiring. Once you have this full picture, you’ll know everything you need for the successful onboarding, training, promotion, and coaching of your new “perfect fit.”

While the price of your hiring and promotion assessment will vary depending on its scope and complexity, our top priority is making sure you get the best solution for you. We will do everything we can to find one that works for your goals, your people, and your budget.


A team that respects, supports, and communicates well with one another will be more productive, have less turnover, and work better together. Teambuilding is neither easy nor temporary, but it is one of the most important things you can do for the success of your company — and the people within it.

Discover: we are people-focused, and so is our approach, so we typically start by meeting with your team both as a group and as individuals. We’re there to lend an ear and learn about the ways that you are (and aren’t) working together successfully. By talking to everyone individually, we give your team the space they need to communicate honestly. We can also perform assessments, including personality, skills, and emotional intelligence assessments, to gain a deeper understanding of how and why your team interacts or communicates in certain ways.

Diagnose: your team is made up of unique individuals, and your team building should account for that. We create a customized program around the capabilities of your team members themselves, building from the individual level first. Through our interviews and assessments, we can provide personalized recommendations to help each team member address both their specific challenges and opportunities.

Develop: teambuilding is an ongoing process, and it’s only natural to encounter stumbling blocks and regression. In addition to creating a “go forward plan” for your team, we’ll check in periodically to see how things are going and how we can continue to help you stay on track.

While the price of your teambuilding program will vary depending on its scope and complexity, our top priority is making sure you get the solutions you need, so we will do everything we can to find one that works for your goals, your people, and your budget.

Browse our case studies to see how our clients are leveraging our workplace conflict professionals to help solve their work-related people problems. From conflict workplace training for your employees — or conflict resolution training for leaders — to providing clarity amid confusion, our trained workplace mediators are here to help!  

If you’re ready to find solutions that fit your budget, needs, goals, and most importantly, your people, reach out to us today!

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